Sesterce Inside February 2020

Hello and welcome in the Sesterce Inside Serie, every month we will share our improvement inside Sesterce.

For this first month, I strongly invite you to start reading Sesterce’s masterplan for the coming years available here as well as our report on mining market trends over the next few years. 

Services : 

– Proud to announce the launch of Amazon’s service in Crypto by Sesterce Shop: with +1M references on everyday products, worldwide delivery and payment in 5 different crypto-currencies. Based on a robust logistic infrastructure, an exceptional support and purchasing team and a desire to democratize cryptos with prices directly displayed in Bitcoin. 

– Simultaneous launch of our content platform Sesterce News: As Sesterce has always had in its DNA a will to democratize cryptos, we have from the beginning produced a lot of content (market analysis, popularization articles, review videos, podcasts). The idea of this platform is to gather and develop more strongly our information content. This is based on the arrival of new contributors analysts of the blockchain ecosystem in our team. 

– Launch of the first iteration of the ecosystem with the arrival of a common menu for all our services allowing easy navigation from one Sesterce service to another (Menu in the form of four coloured squares to the right of the logo on each platform). 

– Launch of our whitelabel miner sales platform service:

– Complete graphic redesign of our platforms, and with a more colourful universe that is in line with our desire to move towards a more B2C model. 

– Improvement of our support service: with a new graphic identity, the addition of sections and an update of most articles. 

– Launch of a partnership for a whitelabel mining platform with the leading French media Journal du Coin (

Infrastructure and Organization :

– Launch of a new mining park in Russia.


– Improvement of our logistics infrastructure and partnership with 3 new companies in China.

Community :

– Publication of the Sesterce Master Plan, outlining Sesterce’s direction and strategy for the coming years.

– Publication of Sesterce Podcast episode 3 : Further knowledge about Bitcoin and DLTs.

– Publication of Sesterce Podcast episode 4 : How much Bitcoin should you own?

– Finalization of the Christmas and New Year’s Eve contest Sesterce with more than 3000$ of prizes

– Launch of the contest games related to the launch of Sesterce Shop (to be found on with more than 1000$ in bitcoin to be won. 

See you next month! 

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