Sesterce Masterplan

At the end of this first year of activity of Sesterce, it seemed important to me to put on paper our feeling at Sesterce on the whole of our accomplishment in one year what we have learned and understood with Anthony (My Co-Founder & CSO of Sesterce) and to share with everyone the main direction of the next years. 


As Elon Musk used to do it for Tesla, it seemed to me intelligent to write down our current vision and see if it has changed over time and take stock in several years. 

1 – One year before 


The hypothesis hidden behind Sesterce for those first months was basically to attack the blockchain and cryptos industry in an intelligent and consistent way without going through the classical tricks of this market (ICO, IEO, Financing) allowing to raise several millions and this very often on an idea or an MVP without any product-market fit. 


We were convinced that this pattern was not viable in the long term and that if we wanted to create a global giant in the blockchain world it was important to prove to ourselves that starting from scratch we could find all the resources to quickly create a profitable and important company in its market. 


For this reason we decided to start Sesterce by tackling the mining market, which has several advantages: 

– Fascinated by the notions of compound effects, passive investment, blockchain and energy, the very concept of mining at the crossroads of all these concepts was very natural for Anthony and I.

– It was an immature niche market, which we felt was within reach if the quality of execution was present.

– Although it is a niche market, the amounts invested in this market are huge and we can see this through the valuation and figures of companies like BitFury, Bitmain or Canaan (the last two are currently in discussions for IPO).

– A niche market and distributed throughout the world allowing us to expand internationally in day one.

 – A distribution market with very few major players before our launch. 


After several months of iterations on our miner distribution platform, the setting up of a global logistics and partners network and days of intense work we had the opportunity to gradually become the first player in the global market of multi-brand miners distribution (Cf my study of the Mining market trends in 2020).


This has allowed us to gradually develop a lot of services around mining such as a cloud mining service and a mining investment consulting firm allowing customers with higher investment capacities to have more sophisticated investment vehicles. 


In terms of numbers Sesterce in one year is :

– Several million dollars in revenue.

– More than 3000 customers worldwide

– Customers in more than 80 different countries

– The operation of 4 mining farms spread around the world

– An extensive network of logistics and mining partners throughout the world. 

– A team dispatched between Europe and Asia (Hoping to have team members across the 5 continents quickly!).

2 – And now 


As said earlier, the idea for us was to attack this industry as a whole and not just mining. This is why the symbolism of the Sesterce is very strong for us (the currency of the Roman Empire, which in ancient times was used by almost the entire world population, thus greatly facilitating trade). 


Today, after this first year of experience, it is time for us to slowly deploy the real Sesterce thesis: a new way of thinking about investment and consumption through new generation vehicles allowed by the web 3.0. 


In order to materialize this value proposition, it is clear to us that it is important to move away from the vertical aspect of mining to implement a horizontal way of looking at a complete Sesterce ecosystem. 


We are by no means abandoning our mining activities, on the contrary, we intend to strengthen them over the coming months, but our focus will now be broader. 


using our expertise in mining and one of the best worldwide network in that industrie and a good position on the subject that we can leverage.


Continue to develop our park of miners diversify it and our leverage on the subject with biggest CAPEX investments and develop that double business model strategy (AWS and Amazon strategy like).


Integrate a large masternodes and staking offer on the next few months with marginal to 0 fees on them to complete the blockchain securisation offer.


The idea of this first iteration of the Sesterce ecosystem is to create a B2C applications ecosystem layer on top of multiple daily life services allowing to open cryptos to everyone in a fun way. And also to create the organization that will support the whole project. I have the deep conviction that a great company is created through the creation of both an exceptional product and an exceptional organization, one does not go without the other


We would like to quickly iterate on the creation of our first services with the development and improvement of 6 services this first year and with the gradual addition of services over time. (We will unveil all these services little by little without the teasers for the moment but believe me incredible things will happen at Sesterce over the next few months).


In terms of organization, the challenge will then be to develop on each vertical of service a real expertise by giving each of these services everything they need (Brilliant organization, perfect business execution, business model advantage and aggressive acquisition strategies) to be leaders in their industry while enjoying the eco-system and network effect of Sesterce.


3 – Tokenization as a pillar of the new Sesterce offer


Develop a unique tokenization offer to transform as the main pillar of the ecosystem with a new way to open the most closed, illiquid and profitable investments to all with very simple vehicles and the creation of liquidity on these investments with the possibility of diversifying its investment portfolio and opening up opportunities that historically were reserved for the wealthiest to all with even modest investment amounts. Mining was a very good first step for it in view of how this industry combines all the shortcomings and advantages of a hyper-profitable investment vehicle for the wealthiest and very closed to those who do not have the right information.


Use mining as one of the first investment vehicles in our new tokenization offer, as this industry is so well suited for tokenization :

– Important CAPEX to have good profitability. 

– Important expertise needed to target the best opportunities. 

– Dividend system present to be able to challenge us on a complete token design.

– Possibility to add token governance (DAO) on mining farm decision making.

– Strong expertise of Sesterce group on mining vertical.


4 – Why and how an ecosystem?


The real value of an ecosystem is to find synergies between each piece of this one, that’s why one of the most interesting challenge will be to find every possible interaction and way to nesting each part of the ecosystem with the others in term of offer and business model.


Use all the ecosystem effect to develop a simplify experience of Sesterce with the possibility to use each service from a unique Sesterce Account.


Be more aggressive on local markets with a better marketing approach to attack local users of each market (Notably Europe which remains very conservative with multiple languages and different ways of consumption.) 

So, in short, the master plan is:

  • To have a leading position in the mining market

  • Used this money to build a B2C ecosystem of multiple services linked to the blockchain and have a broader focus.

  • Used this money to improve and find more synergy in the ecosystem while accelerating service development over time.

  • While doing so, improve each service in its vertical, link each service and simplify the Sesterce experience as much as possible.

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